Our Mission

To Entice, Engage, Evangelise, Establish and Equip as we make disciples of Jesus Christ


using the opportunity our wonderful building brings us to welcome people and break down barriers to faith


with the wider community with the Christian faith


by having opportunities to hear about Jesus our Saviour.


in the faith through biblical teaching and changed lives.


for all forms of ministry particularly for the building up of the community.

Clergy and Staff

The Dean – The Very Rev’d Richard Humphrey
Discipleship Minister – The Rev’d Catriona Johnson
Cathedral Administrator – Raelene Weissel
Operations Manager – Kylie Dobson

Music & Choir

Singing has been part of the history of St David’s since its earliest days.

In 1837 there was an advert for membership of a choir of 4 boys or girls, the first pipe organ in an Australian Church having been installed in 1825.  From this rudimentary start the choir remains a fundamental part of Cathedral worship 187 years later.

Under the direction of Thomas Rimes with a repertoire ranging from the 16th Century to pieces specially written for St Davids, the choir continues to lift hearts and minds of all who hear them.

Director of Music – Thomas Rimes
Organists – Rod Thomson, Peter Warren & Margaret Sallis

Cathedral Chapter

Mrs Audrey Mills – Chair
Mr Roger More – Treasurer
Mrs Sheelagh Wegman – Secretary
Ms Katie Stanley
The Rev’d Dr Lee Weissel
Dr Adam Forsyth
Dr Michael Guerzoni
The Rev’d Victor Shaw
The Rev’d Kate Boughton

Friends of St David's

The Friends have a time-honoured tradition of working together to raise funds for the Cathedral, and have done so in one form or another for many decades.
Funds raised by the Friends currently helps to support St David’s Music Ministry and provide items such as the Cathedral’s communion elements, flowers, candles and Children’s Bibles.
The main event on the Friend’s annual calendar is the Floral Festival in February: Blooming Church – a celebration of community, creativity, flowers and music.