A Spiritual Journey

Spirituality is not about ethereal and distant things.
Spirituality is about depth, the core of who you are.
Spirituality is therefore about the real world: yourself, your relationships, your place.

Soul Walk is a time to engage with the real world through Christian spirituality.  It’s a time each week to “talk, share and reach together.”  We allow the Christian Scriptures to move us, challenge us, comfort us, and provoke us.  We are stirred to be honest and active in how we live life.

Who can Come?

Anyone can come. All are welcome.

You don’t have to hold to a Christian faith, or any faith at all.  We ask only that you respect the engagement Jesus and Christian spirituality.  We do not demand agreement; we do hope that you will be moved or challenged or encouraged in some beneficial way.

What can I expect to Happen?

The exact details of what happens changes from week to week.  In general, you can expect

  • A safe group setting, where you are free to be you.
  • Coffee/drinks and conversations to share
  • Different people talking – including reflecting on an experience, sharing a difficulty or a joy.
  • A reading from the Bible to share together, or to take away and consider during the week.
  • An introduction to a spiritual discipline or some other tool for engaging with the Bible or with life’s experiences.

Camino ShellPilgrimage

There are a number of ways in which Soul Walk is like a pilgrimage.

You may have seen the 2010 film The Way starring Martin Sheen.  The film follows a group of companions travelling the El Camino de Santiago pilgrim route in Northern Spain. Among the visual symbols is the use by the pilgrims of a scallop shell as a symbol of their journey.

The scallop shell speaks of

  1. Solidarity.  The route of the pilgrimage is marked by shell symbols.  At one point the pilgrims reach a village and find the locals feasting in the garden of a house.  They are greeted – “We were expecting you!” – even though they were strangers.  Pilgrims are welcomed, greeted, embraced.
  2. Purpose.  The shell is given with the words “Do you know why you are walking the Camino?”  The question is complex.  The pilgrims have their reasons for walking, but are searching for the purpose of their walk.  And when they find it is usually unexpected.

Soul Walk does not involve physical pilgrimage.  But it has does have similarities.

It involves the desire to break out of humdrum routine and look for the deeper things in life – the spiritual things – that give purpose and motivation and the context in which to change and grow.

It involves a willingness to journey, to encounter new people and new experiences; the Scriptures give us the pathway and the vista which may delight us on some days, and challenge us with difficulties the next.

It is a journey to which all are welcome, and where there is solidarity but also freedom for each to walk their own walk.

And no one can predict what will happen along the way.

Please join us.

When and Where?

Email for more information

Every Sunday at 6:15pm in the lounge/bar at Hadley’s Hotel, across Murray Street from the Cathedral. Contact Will for more information.

An hour or so a week for people willing to engage with life through Christian Spirituality.

No previous experience needed - just a willingness to explore the depths of the real world from a biblical perspective.

Soul Walk Table 6:15pm-7:30pm, Sundays. We are currently meeting in the lounge/bar at Hadley's Hotel, on Murray Street opposite the cathedral. Please contact Will for more information. Contact: Will Briggs 0428695156