Sermon: Why Knowing the Bible, Isn’t Enough

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Preached by Rev. Jacob Crane on Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Approached by some Sadducees, Jesus is challenged to defend the resurrection. He does so by correcting a common misunderstanding about the next life, and the Sadducee’s misunderstandings of Scripture.

Jesus teaches that marriage is no longer necessary in the next life (eliminating the Sadducee’s concern of ‘heavenly adultery’) because, in the next life, they cannot die. The resurrected become like angels.

In the resurrection, our adoption in Christ is consummated, fully realising the eternal benefits of being in Christ.

Jesus also teaches, that Scripture clearly points to an afterlife, that God is the God if the living, and Israel’s forefathers. He can’t be both of these if Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are dead. To him, all of them are alive.

In this, we are soberly reminded, that Why Knowing the Bible, Isn’t Enough. It’s not enough to know the Scriptures well. The Sadducees knew them well. But they failed to understand, that all of Scripture is informed by, and points to Jesus.

A map is only useful, if we knowing which direction is north, and we have a compass. It’s the same with Scripture. The ink on the pages isn’t what saves, it’s what, or rather who that ink testifies. The Bible is only eve enough, if know and understand, to whom it points.

Join us as we’re comforted and challenged by Jesus’ words, in Luke 20.27-40

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