Sermon: Where is your treasure? Luke 12:32-40

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Preached by Dr Paula Gooder on Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Our visiting speaker who looks after treasures at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, follows Jesus teaching to ask us where is our treasure?

Dr Paula Gooder is a writer and lecturer in Biblical Studies. Her research areas focus on the writings of Paul the Apostle, with a particular focus on 2 Corinthians and on Paul’s understanding of the Body. Her passion is to ignite people’s enthusiasm for reading the Bible today, by presenting the best of biblical scholarship in an accessible and interesting way. Her books include Phoebe, Journey to the Empty Tomb, Body: Biblical Spirituality for the Whole Person and Heaven. Paula works full-time for the Church of England as the Director of Mission Learning and Development in the Birmingham Diocese, and this year was appointed as the Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, London, the first lay person appointed to this role.