Sermon: Let’s Talk About Prayer

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Preached by Richard Humphrey on Sunday, July 28th, 2019

A part of the series.

We need to consider not just the why and how of prayer but the what, what are to pray for?

As part of this sermon those listening were encouraged to answer the following questions.  The first three are in response to the sermon series over the past month, the remaining are in response to the pattern of prayer we see of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. (The time of silence of filling out the questions has been removed from the audio, those listening can simply press pause.)

Things I have learnt about prayer:

Prayer is different now because:

What I want to learn about prayer:

Following Jesus’ example …things I am grateful for are:

… people I should be praying for are:

… big decisions I should pray about are:

… the deep concerns of my heart I should bring before God are:

People I should be encouraging to pray are: