Sermon: The Spirit of Reconciliation & Obedience

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Preached by Rev. Jacob Crane on Sunday, May 19th, 2019

A part of the series.

What’s the problem with humanity?

As we continue our series on the Holy Spirit, we learn that the despite the constant failures of God’s people to live pleasing lives to God, fulfilling their purpose to be a blessing to other nations, God remains faithful.

His grace and patience aren’t limitless, and when His Holy name is profaned, God acts and judges His people. He acts precisely because of His Holy Name, both in judging Israel and in promising to redeem them. He promised to make Israel a great nation. So He redeems them, promising to place within us, a new heart, and His Spirit.

The problem with humanity, is the human heart.

The Holy Spirit according to…
The Prophets: The Spirit of Reconciliation & Obedience

Ezekiel 36.16-31

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