Sermon: Justice and Hope: Opening of Legal Year Address 2019

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Preached by Claire Rogers on Friday, February 1st, 2019

Claire Rogers, World Vision CEO, challenges the legal community to keep working for justice for justice leads to hope for all.

Claire Rogers

World Vision Australia CEO Claire Rogers is a social innovator with a track record of assisting organisations to adapt to the tech-disrupted economy, with a focus on aligning physical and digital execution to maximise opportunities.

In her previous role as head of ANZ Australia’s digital banking, Claire spearheaded the bank’s digital channels transformation.

Chair of Ridley Theological College for eight years, Claire has long had a passion for equal opportunity for all; she sees the digital revolution as an exciting opportunity to reach new generations who want to fight global poverty as well as transforming the experience of existing donors. Claire’s inspired by World Vision’s mission and the creation of a more just and peaceful world, where every child can experience life in all its fullness.

Her interests include global justice, digital innovation, leadership – especially for women and girls – entrepreneurship and agile practices to drive rapid transformation.

Claire is married with two children, lives in Melbourne and enjoys tennis, cycling and sharing time with her family.