Sermon: Wedded To Marriage

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Preached by Richard Humphrey on Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Heart ExclaimWhat do we learn from Scripture in the current marriage debate.

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I want to start in perhaps a surprising but I believe necessary place, and that is with an apology to the LGBTIQ community on behalf of the Church for the way we have failed to live up to our own teaching.

Doctrine of Creation

Our Scriptures give us a doctrine of Creation in which we are all created in the image of God, with equal dignity.  For the ways in which we have failed to treat you our brothers and sisters with that dignity and respect we are sorry.

Gospel of Salvation

Our Scriptures show us a gospel of salvation in which God so loved the whole world that he sent Jesus.  For the ways we have failed to show the same welcoming love and open grace we are sorry.

Ethic of Jesus

Our Scriptures teach us the ethics of Jesus that we are to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  When we have vilified, disparaged and judged we have failed to live up to our calling and caused trauma, grief and despair.  For the ways we have failed to love you Jesus calls us to we are sorry.

When we fail to live up to the teaching of our own faith we denigrate God’s creation, misrepresent his love and disobey our saviour and have caused anguish and suffering.  We are sorry and seek forgiveness.

  • Jim van Ommen

    This threefold apology to the LGBTIQ community on behalf of the Church, the Anglican community, has come to me as somewhat of a surprise and I’m wondering if this is appropriate?
    Could it be that we have adopted this apologetic approach because inadvertently we have identified ourselves with all the negativity that various pro Same Sex Marriage lobby groups have thrown in the ring, if not right at those who oppose SSM and the Church but also at people generally? Is it correct for us as a church to own this ?

    Is it gracious to have this apologetic approach; is it helpful even if we as a church may not have failed to treat our LGBTIQ brothers and sisters with dignity and respect; been unwelcoming, unloving, ungracious, or failed to live up to our faith? Yes, they may have felt that way and deducted that from scripture themselves, but I don’t think we as a churh people have been that prone to cast the first stone. I feel that we have been railroaded by all this sexuality obsession and dysphoria and have not studied the consequences as we should and have unwittingly taken on board a complicity that is not the Church’s. As individual Christians we may not have known how to deal with this problem in accordance with the explicit will of God, in the same way as we have failed Him in many other ways.
    Where does our greatest responsibility lie? Is it with the gay community in al it’s proliferation, or is it with our children and future generations. When will this government and the churches shoulder their joint responsibilities and conduct adequate research into the consequences of this decadence that is facing us. A decadence as a result of the breakdown of marriage and the family unit. A breakdown that will potentially be accellerated by SSM and all its trappings.
    I came across this attached study that reveals how urgent it is for us to act.

    Shocking report by Children’s Commissioner reveals millions of ……/shocking-report-by-childrens-commissi…
    Jul 4, 2017 – Over half a million children so vulnerable that the state has to step in … for the first time, the scale of vulnerability among children in England.