Sermon: Life Light & Love (Bp John Farewell)

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Preached by Bp John Harrower on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

John with GlovesBp John speaks at his farewell service about the Light, Life and Love of God, leading us through his Blessing for Tasmania that he wrote for his ordination as Bishop of Tasmania in 2000.

(The Blessing is below).

As for the photo, well you’ll have to listen to the sermon.

God of all Life,
Bless in abundance the lives of the people of Tasmania.
Enrich our society with relationships that deepen our common life.
Grant seasonal weather to our State,
And enable us, by your grace, to create life-enriching work for our unemployed.
God of all Life, bless Tasmania.

God of all Light,
Bless this State with leadership that is honest and caring.
Send the light of your wisdom on our work and our play.
Shine the light of your justice on all our dealings,
So that these islands may reflect your light in all the world.
God of all Light, bless Tasmania.

God of all Love,
Bless Tasmania with your love, in all we say and do.
Help us to love one another, as neighbours and friends.
Care for families whose young have left these shores.
And by your good Spirit, ignite our love for Christ.
God of all Love, bless Tasmania
In the Name of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

The speeches from the service are a separate sermon post.