Richard Humphrey

Although born in London, Richard was raised in Hobart, attending The Friends School. He pursued studies in Architecture at the University of Sydney, obtaining a BSc (Arch) with the Building Science Prize. This led to work in London in architectural computing, whilst being the part time road manager for a Christian rock band.

After marrying Georgina, he joined her at Moorlands Bible College in Dorset before moving back to Sydney to study at Moore Theological College as an Anglican Candidate. Completing his studies in 1996 with BD(Hons) and DipMin he worked as an Assistant Priest in Killara and then as Rector of Cronulla from 2000-2009.

Returning to Tasmania as Dean of Hobart he is keen to proclaim Jesus as Lord in the heart of Hobart, to build a community of living faith, profound hope and practical love.  He also serves on the Boards of St. Michael’s Collegiate and The Hutchins School and has been a soccer coach at both schools as well.

Richard loves being with his four children, listening to music, especially prog rock, and reading, and doesn’t like going to the gym!