Jacob Crane

I was born and raised in Cohuna, a small farming community in northern Victoria. My family ‘religiously’ attended church each Sunday, but God was little more than something we did for an hour-and-a-bit each Sunday.

Despite this, God was doing something in me.

I had a desire to pay attention in church, especially to the sermon. It seemed important, and so I should listen. I walked into my adulthood confident that Jesus was a ‘pretty-good-way’.

Many years later, in a ‘life-crisis’ moment, I cried out to God and He answered, despite ignoring Him for the last decade of my life. It seemed, God was doing something in me.

I began attending church again where God showed me that He wasn’t just a good, better or best way, He was the ONLY way. I confessed my failure to live as He had planned, and gratefully accepted His loving gift of grace through His Son.

I was in a wonderful church that embraced my enthusiasm to learn and to serve and was given endless opportunities to explore my gifts and calling. Despite assuming God would use my existing life-experiences and direction, He had other plans.

I began studying at Ridley College, growing in clarity and focus of God’s call of me to play a role within His Church, to be used to grow others in their faith and obedience to Jesus as their King, and share with others, the love and grace of God.

I met a girl. We married. And we moved to Tasmania a little over a year ago, to continue living in His service.

And now, God continues to do something in me.

It is with child-like joy that I am to be ordained as priest, as God continues to refine me and his plans for me. It is not at all where I anticipated my life to be, but I count myself fortunate and blessed to have been given such a clear sense of calling in my life, to partner with God and with you, as we work to be a Church for Tasmania, making disciples of Jesus.