The Cathedral has been at the heart of Hobart for the entire history of the city.  Over the years this history has been caught on camera and in other pictorial forms.

The First St. David's

The “First” St. David’s – ca. 1810

There is debate as to where it was, what it looked like, and what it was called.  But there was a small wooden building used for church purposes in what is now St. David’s park.

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Pepperpot From Franklin Square

The “Pepperpot” – ca. 1835

The original tower of the first St. David’s built at the current site became unsafe.  In the 1830’s it was replaced with a “pepperpot” cupola.

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Demolising the Old St. David'sDemolishing the old St. David’s – ca. 1875

Upon completion of the nave of the current cathedral, the original St. David’s required demolition.  A photograph was taken during this process.

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St. David's Interior  ca1910 aniglyph

Interior Without Rood ca. 1910

The original design of St. David’s was for an interior without a rood screen.  The current rood was installed in the early 1920’s.

This stereographic photo was taken before the rood screen  was installed.

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thequeenarrivesRoyal Visit 1954

Queen Elizabeth II became the first reigning monarch to set foot in Australia, and in St. David’s Cathedral, on her visit in 1954.  This photograph her welcome to the cathedral has been blended with the modern context.

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