Whilst we are happy to assist with enquiries regarding historical documents especially related to family history research, there are limits to the documents we hold and how much time our office can devote to such enquiries. Also we only hold documents relating to St. David’s, for other churches you will need to contact the parish directly or the Tasmanian Diocese.  A donation may be appropriate when seeking assistance or copying from any documents that we hold.

Any early Baptismal, Marriage and Funeral records have been deposited with the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO) (03 6165 5538) Contact information www.linc.tas.gov.au/tasmaniasheritage.

Enquirers often seek information regarding burials at St David’s. From 1804 to 1872 burials were held at what is now called St David’s Park (Corner of Sandy Bay Rd and Davey St.) In 1872 the new cemetery at Cornelian Bay was opened and St David’s Burial Ground and other small cemeteries within Hobart were closed.  In 1927 St David’s Burial Ground was turned into a park.  In 1970’s the Hobart City Council removed any legible headstones and placed them along a walk beside the Supreme Court and St David’s Park. (off Salamanca Place)  In 1976 a book was published called Inscriptions in Stone – St David’s Burial Ground 1804-1872 by Richard Lord.  There is a copy in the State Archives.

There have been no burials on the site of the current Cathedral.