Christmas 2018: Looking for Stable Leadership

From Monday, December 24th, 2018 until Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Christmas Eve

A service for the young and young at heart

A service of beautiful music, readings and carols. A special annual service.

Starting in darkness for the coming of the light of the world with candles for all. A reflective service.

Christmas Day

Traditional communion to start the day.

A wonderful celebration for all ages.

Stable Leadership

We are looking for stable leadership. Our Country has had 6 different Prime Minsters in just over a decade, with the leaders 4 time being dumped by their own party, and the Federal Government’s majority is on a knife edge. In our State the Government’s agenda appears capable of being hijacked while some of the problems seem intractable with accusations of weak leadership. These are challenging times for leadership.
Worldwide voters seem to show a lack of trust in old governing structures leading to unexpected results. Some world leaders demonstrate unhelpful styles of leadership, showing scant regard for truth, process and growing nationalism, and they can themselves look unstable. Some forms of leadership are challenging.
All this leads us to ask? who is in charge and what should true leadership look like? We are looking for stable leadership but is it possible?
2000 years ago in the midst of leadership that was remote, uncaring, indifferent, corrupt or ineffectual came the remarkable message that God’s leadership was being established and demonstrate through the ministry of a carpenter from Nazareth. In Jesus, God was keeping his promise of establishing his kingdom of justice and peace, the creator God of the Hebrew Scriptures was in charge. Here was a leadership challenge to all other leaders, their claims to authority were undermined and marginalised. It is no surprise that this usurper was killed to get rid of this revolutionary message. But then God raised him from the dead to vindicate him. The resurrection shouldn’t lead us to say “Coo, that was unexpected” rather “It’s a coup, Jesus is king.” In Jesus there is leadership that is truly stable and unchallengable and we look for it to be established among us.
But in Jesus we not only are challenged about who is the leader we are also challenged about what leadership looks like. For here is a leader who is concerned about justice and righteousness yet acts with compassion and grace. This is not about “Israel first”, but God first and the caring for others above self. Not about power but truly about people, acting in humility and fully identifying with those he leads.
There is no better way of capturing this than the nativity stories, where the true king of all the world is born in back room of a rural pub. His birth celebrated by both and attended by shepherds, the high and the low. Power and humility captured in a manger. This is a leadership challenge born in a back room. This is stable leadership.
In Advent we await Jesus coming to fully establish that Kingdom and live out its values. We commit ourselves to the kingdom of stable leadership, to Jesus our king and to follow in his ways. We pray and work for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.
“For unto us a child is born, his name shall be the prince of peace … of his government there shall be no end.” Isaiah 9

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