Service: Ordination and Start of Season of Lament.

Saturday, February 17th, 2018 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

An ordination of Deacons with the Commissioning of a new Registrar and an Archdeacon.

We will also start the Diocesan Season of Lament.

This will focus on the following areas.
1. Child Sexual Abuse
2. Family Violence
3. Abuse of power
4. Failures to respect indigenous communities
5. Environment
6. Failure to disciple


You call children to come to you
but we have tolerated their abuse.

You direct us to love our neighbour
but we have allowed family violence to fester.

You are glorified in self-giving love
but we have flaunted self-serving power.

You generously give us sanctuary
but we dispossessed others of their land.

You created a good world
but we have blighted it with our greed.

You command us to make disciples of Jesus
but we have followed our own desires.

You show the way of the cross
but we have sought the way of our own comfort.

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