Service: Port Arthur 20th Anniversary

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Port arthur memorialThis Thursday marks 20 years since the tragic events which continue to impact many people.  Working out appropriate responses as a community and a Cathedral has been difficult with widely different opinions, with many impacted not wanting any kind of service, or memorial

As the location of significant community services 20 years ago we have sought to provide a number of different opportunities for people to reflect privately or gather with others.

8.30am Morning Prayer in the Hope Chapel with lighting of Candles.

10.30am Book of Common Prayer Communion Service in the Nixon Chapel

12noon Tolling of the Cathedral Bells

12.30 Broadcast of the Memorial Service from Port Arthur followed by prayers.

5pm Evening Prayer in the Hope Chapel.

Cathedral staff will be on hand all day for those who need prayer.

Resources for pray for the day are available here