Friday Forum: Stopping the Traffik

Friday, November 7th, 2014 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm


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Our part in modern day slavery and what we can do about it.

A Friday Forum with Stop the Traffik Coordinator for Australia, Carolyn Kitto.

November 7, 2014: 1:00pm-2:00pm
at St. David’s Cathedral.

Brought to you by St. David’s and the Churches of Christ in Howrah and Hobart.

Poster/flyer: pdf

Carolyn KittoCarolyn Kitto (former resident of Hobart and Launceston) coordinates STOP THE TRAFFIK in Australia with her best friend who she is married to, Fuzz Kitto. She has worked in youth work, planning and strategy and international development with a number of organisations including World Vision and the Anglican and Uniting Churches. Currently she is working with Fuzz in Spirited Consulting.
STOP THE TRAFFIK seeks to end modern slavery. It is now a crime of $US150 billion, impacting at least 30 million people and growing. It exists in every country, including Australia. As consumers it impacts all of us, through the clothes we wear, the food we eat and our technology. STOP THE TRAFFIK seeks to disrupt human traffickers and build resilient communities across the world where human trafficking is less likely to occur.
Carolyn will share the successes and struggles of the work of STOP THE TRAFFIK and engage with attenders on ways they can be part of ending human trafficking and modern forms of slavery. We believe no one wants to live benefitting from someone else’s exploitation. So, together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK.