Reza Barati Memorial

The following photos were taken at the memorial service for Reza Barati last week.

Celebration of a Kelisa baby

A couple who are members of Kelisa invited us to join them in celebrating the birth of their baby boy at a kebab feast held at the Youth With A Mission training centre in Sorell.  Here are a few pictures of the preparations, cooking, feasting, and dancing.

Teaching at Kelisa

Kelisa is moving towards holding classes for teaching the Christian faith and emphasising discipleship and mentoring.  As a taster, Christopher Boudi, taught us “class style” during our Friday night service.

The audio of Christopher’s teaching is available: 

Members of Kelisa at Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

On November 13 a group of Kelisa members participated in the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor.  Christopher Boudi was asked to pray for Tasmania, in Farsi, with Gill Briggs praying the English translation.  We all enjoyed meeting politicians, church leaders, and other wonderful people and telling them about the ministry of Kelisa and the joy of being Persian in Tasmania.

Kelisa November

Some scenes from the shared time after the services at kelisa on November 1st.

Remember – this coming Friday November 8 we are having a service in the cathedral as we change our routine to having a shared meal every third week.

A Kelisa Baptism

On October 20 two members of kelisa were baptised and confirmed at the 10am Sunday service in the cathedral.  The Friday before that they had shared their story of faith at the kelisa service.

An awesome testimony and witness of God’s goodness that transcends boundaries of culture, nationality and language.

Kelisa October 11

A wonderful time of eating and praying together.

Setting Up at Kelisa

Photos during the setting up of Kelisa, October 4, 2013.