St David’s Cathedral welcomes enquiries regarding baptisms and weddings.

Please contact the Cathedral Office for an appointment.  Brochures and forms can be sent to you, or you can download information here.


  1. Read our brochure Baptism at Saint David’s
  2. Complete a Your Child’s Baptism Form
  3. Contact the Cathedral Office to make an appointment with our staff team.

Adults and older children are often baptised at the same time as baby.

Many have found the Cathedral short course about faith very helpful. Why not discuss this with us?

Wedding at St. David'sWedding

  1. Read our brochure Getting Married at St. David’s.
  2. Contact the Cathedral Office to make a preliminary booking and to make an appointment with our staff team.

Current fees are detailed in the brochure.

All documents plus the Commonwealth Government Notice of Intention can be posted to you by contacting the office.


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Baptism at Saint David's Your Child's Baptism Form


Getting Married at St. David's