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Preached by Rev. Jacob Crane on Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Change, and live.
Or refuse to change, and die.

This was the summary,
Of the story of two mice,
Who each found themselves in an unsafe, unfamiliar, and undesired place.

One mouse responded to the change, and lived.
The other refused to change, and died.


In Luke 3,
We read of the ministry of John the Baptist,
He calls for the world to change.

For the Kingdom of Heaven has come near


Like the story of two mice,
We are invited by John to change.

John’s ministry,
Was to prepare the way of the Lord,
Because He is coming.

And whether we like it or not,
He is coming to judge the world.

Including you and me.


We may not like it.
We may choose to ignore it.

What we can’t do, is avoid it.

Jesus is coming.

You can either change, and live.
Or refuse to change, and die.


The only question remaining is,
Can you believe it?


Join us as we continue our advent series,
Asking, can you believe,
Jesus, the King is born.

Sermon: People Get Ready Matthew 24:36-44 Advent 1

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Preached by Richard Humphrey on Sunday, December 1st, 2019

This Advent and Christmas we are asking “Can you believe it?”

Advent is preparing for Jesus return.  Can we believe it? Do we believe it?

What does being prepared look like?

What does this picture have to do with being ready?