Sermon: A Community of Practical Love

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Preached by Richard Humphrey on Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Love is …?

A cartoon from the 80’s.

A questions that Foreigner want to know the answer.

But as the cartoon understand and as Jesus taught and the rest of Scripture shows, the issue is not Love is, but love does.

Sermon: The Call of Jesus Matthew 19

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Preached by Georgina Humphrey on Sunday, March 17th, 2019

The Dean’s wife reflects on what it means for Jesus to be Lord of her life as she thinks through Matthew 19 and the challenge of Jesus call.

Apologies that the sound quality is not up to our usual standard.

Sermon: Temptation, and the Way of the Word

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Preached by Rev. Jacob Crane on Sunday, March 10th, 2019

In a world filled with temptations; sex, drugs, gambling, gossip, anger, violence… how do we resist?

As Christians, we ask God daily, to ‘lead us not into temptation’. In addition to this prayer, is there anything else we might do, to strengthen our resolve, to continue to walk faithfully?

In Luke 4, we read of the familiar story of Jesus temptation, where He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness and was tempted by Satan, and He was tempted in ways that we are often tempted.

Don’t listen to God, do life how you want to.
Don’t listen to God, I can give you more.
Listen to what I say about God, not what God actually says.

These are the three ways Satan tempts Jesus.

Each time that Jesus was tempted, Jesus resists the devil’s schemes, not with ‘magic’, but by pressing into Scripture. Even when Satan tried to use this against him, Jesus holds firm, and walked the Way of the Word.

The beauty of Jesus example, is we can resist temptation by following His example. When tempted to fill our lives with vices that destroy us, we can resist, like Jesus, by walking the Way of the Word.