Sermon: Work and Worship

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Preached by Kara Martin on Sunday, September 24th, 2017

How do Work and Worship fit together?

The text of the sermon is available here.

Kara Martin is the author of a new book about Christian faith and work, “Workship: How to use your Work to Worship God”.

Kara Martin is Project Leader with Seed, Lecturer with Mary Andrews College, and was formerly Associate Dean of the Marketplace Institute at Ridley College in Melbourne.

She has worked in media and communications, human resources, business analysis and policy development roles, in a variety of organisations, and as a consultant. Kara wrote this book as part of her lifelong passion to integrate faith and work, and equip workplace Christians.

She believes that Christians can be a powerful force for Gospel transformation in the workplace, if biblically-aligned and affirmed in their ordinary work.
Kara recently trekked through the jungles of Borneo. She loves reading books, real books not electronic ones. Her favourite smell is a freshly bought book. Kara’s husband just started beekeeping, which sounded dangerous to her, but she loves watching the secret life of bees.

Kara has a mission to find the best cup of coffee in Crows Nest, where she works one day a week. There are more than 40 coffee shops between the train station and her workplace!

She lives in Marsfield near Macquarie Uni in Sydney but was born in Brighton, England. Kara likes Australian beaches more than English beaches. She has two adult kids who are good friends and we are passionate about each other’s giftings and projects.


Sermon: 4Giving

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Preached by Richard Humphrey on Sunday, September 17th, 2017

The maths of forgiveness point to outrageous grace and outrageous obstinacy and call on us be forgiving people.

Sermon: Battle of Britain 2017

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Preached by Chaplain Peter Friend RAAF on Saturday, September 16th, 2017

The Battle of Britain was a battle of two Nations, two Empires, two Leaders with many caught up in the conflict.  Jesus speaks of a similar battle but in him the one serves the many.

(We’re sorry that the audio is not up to our usual standard and that the first few seconds of the sermon were not recorded.)

Sermon: Wedded To Marriage

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Preached by Richard Humphrey on Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Heart ExclaimWhat do we learn from Scripture in the current marriage debate.

Below is part of the text (the full text is here)

I want to start in perhaps a surprising but I believe necessary place, and that is with an apology to the LGBTIQ community on behalf of the Church for the way we have failed to live up to our own teaching.

Doctrine of Creation

Our Scriptures give us a doctrine of Creation in which we are all created in the image of God, with equal dignity.  For the ways in which we have failed to treat you our brothers and sisters with that dignity and respect we are sorry.

Gospel of Salvation

Our Scriptures show us a gospel of salvation in which God so loved the whole world that he sent Jesus.  For the ways we have failed to show the same welcoming love and open grace we are sorry.

Ethic of Jesus

Our Scriptures teach us the ethics of Jesus that we are to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  When we have vilified, disparaged and judged we have failed to live up to our calling and caused trauma, grief and despair.  For the ways we have failed to love you Jesus calls us to we are sorry.

When we fail to live up to the teaching of our own faith we denigrate God’s creation, misrepresent his love and disobey our saviour and have caused anguish and suffering.  We are sorry and seek forgiveness.