We Believe … in Art … and Mission

Creed ArtSaint David’s is committed to Proclaiming Jesus as Lord in the Heart of Hobart to build a community of living faith, profound hope and practical love.
The Cathedral daily receives and welcomes 40 to 100 visitors, tourists, and those seeking sanctuary. We invite all to experience of the Cathedral’s beauty and tranquillity
The Christian Church has been promoting the arts as evangelistic tools throughout history. Our Cathedral’s architecture, windows, and decorations all proclaim the Gospel as to the addition of Maz Gill-Harper’s Creed paintings.
Our building and our artwork give a  great opportunity for frontline mission work within our city that could have effect across the world, throughout time and you’ll be home for tea.

Read about the proposal to use the Cathedral as a mission field and how you can be involved here.

You can also listen to artist Maz Gill-Harper talk about the plan.

Please contact Craig Dumas with any questions you have 0410433941 orcraig.dumas@saintdavids.org.au.


  • Sarah

    None of this makes what you have done okay.

    You can not justify partnership with Dark Mofo, by saying “but we talk about Jesus”.

    Lying about John Taveners work being christian, claiming that pantheistic and theosophistic music is not antithetical to christian faith, and inviting people in to listen to it in your place of worship to help Dark Mofo earn over $20,000 in ticket sales…does not become “okay” because you mention Jesus in conversation and stick artwork up about the Nicene creed.

    I feel like I need to repent of ever having been a part of you as a church.

    Your justifications of the evil you have committed are sickening.

  • Sarah

    Claiming that the occult music being played in your church for Dark Mofo is christian, or at least not antithetical to the christian faith, is not “using art as an evangelistic tool…”
    It’s just lying.